We understand the value of time.

ZCache and ZAppSvr are products designed to more efficiently process data and deliver network based services.

The performance gains are considerable. In some cases more than 1,000x. This is a result of greater efficiency, and agile design practices. We make every cycle count!
Check out the Benefits!
The Benefits of ZeroPoint Technology
Our software tools allow you to implement sophisticated web/network delivered services more efficiently, for the following reasons:
We solve problems that are expensive and difficult to resolve without our technology. Many companies deploy solutions without our tools.
Feel their pain. Don't Experience it!

Projecting the Benefits
The easiest way to project the cost savings of ZeroPoint technology is to look at hardware costs and savings for a given performance level.

Worst case performance increases generated by deploying ZCachePro and ZAppSvr is ~20x. This potentially yields a major reduction in servers (to 1/20th), or 20x the performance for the same deployment dollars. Not bad! If you could only double performance the benefits are huge.

More commonly the performance gains are much higher. If users are not waiting for data, increases in productivity quickly add up. If a report can be generated in seconds instead of minutes your business can function closer to real time instead of behind time. You become more profitable. You can respond more quickly to business demands, and you have a very real competitive edge.

See a more extensive description of ZCachePro.

Development Tools & Training
We provide technical training on the use of our technology, and online documentation.

We can provide dedicated engineering support for critical design applications, and we can develop custom solutions for you if the need arises. We will work with you to help you reach your performance and functional goals. Call our applications engineering team for more details.