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You Need LiveDB And Here's Why!
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ZeroPoint Web/Application Server (ZAppSvr) v2.50

This development suite and web/application server pays for itself the first time you use it. If you need to deliver feature rich projects on time, you need this great product. Build solid, faster and more powerful multi-threaded web service solutions easily. See performance data in real time, before you have a support issue.

Increased speed, easier management, application monitoring, and numerous other benefits make ZAppSvr a powerful tool for innovative solutions! We are adding application notes and source code to help you get your service up and running without tedious delay and long learning curves.

Documentation on the site is being upgraded. This new technology is going to be a big hit for serious developers.

ZAppSvr is just $199, and this package comes with two instance licenses. Additional licenses are $99 each.

Available Now!

ZeroPoint Application Data Server
ZCachePro v2.04

ZCachePro has been an important stepping stone as we have sought to develop the ultimate database application environment. The data indexing system has proven to be reliable, flexible, and incredibly quick at returning data.

By combining ZAppSvr and ZCachePro it has been simple to implement solutions that provide high-speed data access featuring hundreds of concurrent connections with access times in micro-seconds.. Database applications using this technology have really benefitted.

As database applications have become larger and face greater demands than ever before, new pressures for faster write times and multithreaded writes have become critical enough, it is now time for LiveDB. Our new database product.

If you were impressed by ZCachePro, then LiveDB will be particularly interesting to you..

See the ZCachePro Demo! Amazing!

And LiveDB is even better!

 ZeroPoint Application Data Server
LiveDB v3.00

LiveDB is particularly important where database intensive web services, and/or many concurrent users reading and writing data need to be supported. Many excellent web service projects fail because data demands exceed database capacity. Built on the indexing system pioneered in ZCachePro, LiveDB takes performance to a new and even higher level.

A perfect match for the stability, speed and flexability of ZAppSvr, LiveDB offers stellar performance that is simple to implement. This combo provides high-speed data access featuring hundreds of concurrent connections with request cycle times in micro-seconds.. You have the power to turn your database application into a speed demon and do it quickly.

A major performance improvement over ZCachePro, LiveDB offers incredibly fast write times (~40x faster than SQL), and no dependencies on SQL. LiveDB is a complete, persistent table data storage system that gives your applications a real edge over the competition. LiveDB offers the read performance of ZCachePro, combined with amazing write performance.

Like ZCachePro, LiveDB can give you amazing benefits in handling parallel data access, and unlike ZCachePro can dramatically accelerate write operations!

LiveDB includes the abiity to convert data to csv format, and create table data from csv files or MySQL dump files.

Features include; easy implementation with a new Java plugin, LiveDB instance monitoring, and numerous other features that speed up development and allow you to manage resources easily. No need to add complexity to get the performance you need! Get FAST fast.

Serious applications need serious tools, like LiveDB

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